Tape Digitizing

Isn't it great when you can turn all your old photo prints to digital to fill out your photo history in Facebook’s timeline?

Tapes degrade over time and take up valuable storage.

    Steps for tape digitizing:

  • Contact us for a quote
  • Send us your tape or drive
  • We will digitize your tapes and send it back to you

You can also ask us about editing, logging, media management, color correction and VHS preservation services. We have our clients in UK, Australia, Canada along with USA.

Why convert?

Your physical media is degrading every day. Video tapes and other magnetic media are our priority. The quality over these media will eventually deteriorate, losing sharpness and color and will not last more than 10 years. Videos are easy to convert, so you will get them back quickly.

Prints, film, and other physical media are also breaking down gradually. It also depends on how you store it. If it is exposed to air and light, it will not last for long. Besides, all your physical media is at risk of total loss from degradation, fire, flood, or getting lost in the shuffle.

Our Tape Digitizing services:

Let us help you preserve all of your vinyl records, audio cassette tapes and video tapes in digital format! Our transfer process is safe, and our services are designed to include everything for one low price. Our turnaround time is quick (a week or less), and our customer service is available 24/7.

Set your memories free and choose the right services that fit your needs. Mail or drop-off your media and we will take care of the rest!