Our embroidery digitizers can carry of small letters, complex designs, layered thread patterns, three dimensional effects and 3D puff embroidery with finesse. You can have simple vector conversions of complex designs with great expertise. Compromising on quality is never an option.

Our primary focus has always been and always will be, exceeding client expectations. Our embroidery digitizers are highly experienced and have created over 1000+ designs of different types and complexity level for our clients in UK, Australia, Canada along with USA. This philosophy is ingrained in people across all functions, from sales to customer service.

Our embroidery digitizers will deliver every possible category of design - hats logo, jacket back design, textures, fashion apparel, left chest logo, patches on various fabrics, etc. Our team of embroidery digitizers work in close conjunction with our sales and customer service team to ensure a personalized experience for each client.

We can also offer you the image of the sew-out of each embroidery design that you send us.

Why are we different?

Supreme Quality:

We ensure quality till we sew out each design and you are convinced that it is right. A properly digitized designs will run smoother on the machine with minimum thread breaks.

On time:

Usually, we will send the completed tapes to you within 24 hours after you send us your artworks.

Exciting price:

You get the most exceptional service at the most reasonable prices. Our professional embroidery digitizer team with experience and skills will provide you with the best embroidered designs for your image.

Words of wisdom:

What makes us successful? Our commitment to quality check, quick turn around time, and most of all, team work

Team Work:

We take great pride in our embroidery digitizers who have extensive training and are periodically updated on new programming techniques.

Get started!

You can place an order, request for a quotation, or question via our mail. Contact us directly by phone or email.