Logo Digitizing

We provide professional custom logos digitizing and artwork on all kind of fabrics, textures, garments, apparels by experienced designers, embroiderers,etc. We have professional embroiders or embroidery digitizers working round the clock, seven days a week for our clients in UK, Australia, Canada, along with USA.

X Digitizing is an expert in premium logo digitizing for any kind fabric and has a hands on experience in embroidery digitizing. We offer a complete line of custom digitize logos for embroidery.

X Digitizing is proud to provide professional in-house logo digitizing & in-house embroidery services, which rank among the best in this industry. The secret to our success is high quality craftsmanship, quick turn around time and competitive prices.

Why do I need my logo digitized?

Logos are the image of your brand. Logos bring your brand image to life with character and personality. Once the logo is digitized onto polos, shirts, mugs, apparel, etc, they can prove to be a cost effective advertising and company branding.

What is logo digitizing?

Digitizing a logo is a process in which your logo is converted into a computerized embroidery format. Once it is converted, our embroidery machines will be able to sew your logo onto hats, jackets, t-shirts, bags etc, ensuring each and every item is identical in quality and appearance.

Fast-Turnaround Logo Digitizing

Our finished digitizing files are e-mailed to the customer within 24 hours. If you have any special requests or emergencies, we complete it within a few hours and deliver without any extra charge. We provide 24/7/365 logo embroidery digitizing service. Our logo digitizers are available to act on your requests at any time as we work in rotational shifts.

Quality logo embroidery digitizing

The first inspection is of the digitized file, and is executed immediately after the digitizing is completed. The digitized file is then sewn out. The sew-out is carefully examined, and alterations are made to the file if needed.